Off Limits option

Set up a no mowing zone when you need

The Off Limits option allows you to define a no-mow zone in your lawn without using the boundary wire. Laying out an island in the middle of the garden, far away from the borders, can often be complicated, and it usually requires a great length of wire. With the Off Limits option you just have to install the magnetic strip around the object you want to exclude from mowing, and you’re good to go.

It’s particularly useful if you have seasonal equipment like paddling pools or trampolines, or if you’ve just finished sowing a part of the lawn and you want it to settle before allowing Landroid to mow it. Off Limits is also useful if you decide to change the layout of your garden sometimes after deploying the boundary wire - for example, if you decide to add a flowerbed - so you don't need to redo the whole perimeter.

How does it work

Off Limits comes in two pieces: a box with a sensor to install on your Landroid and a magnetic strip to surround forbidden areas. The strip does not need to be connected to the perimeter wire, nor to be powered. The sensor detects the magnetic field emitted by the band and bounces away.

Please be advised that the Cut To Edge function won't work around the Off Limits strip.

See how it works:


The installation is easy. Please follow the two steps below:

1. Plug the cables of the Off Limits module and install it on the robot. Watch the following video instructions for additional guidance.

2. Deploy the magnetic strip around objects you want to exclude from mowing, fix it with pegs provided and close the circuit with the connector, making sure that both ends of the magnetic strip inside the connector are at least 2cm long.

The magnetic strip needs to be laid out:

  • on the flat side
  • in a circular or elliptic shape (always avoid straight lines and corners of all sorts)
  • in a closed circuit
  • at least 2 meters away from the boundary wire or another Off Limits area

You can join as many magnetic strips as you want: there is not size limit.

Lastly, remember that you can’t cross the boundary wire with the magnetic strips!

ATTENTION! Avoid lying the magnetic strip in areas where Landroid can slip (eg. areas with slopes).


ATTENTION! Landroid L 1000 (WR147E and WR147E.1 models) is only compatible with a specific Off Limits module - the WA0892 model. This model is only compatible with Landroid L 1000.


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