How to change and reset PIN code

Tutorial on PIN code settings: how to change it and reset it

PIN code personalization

To make your Landroid safer, change the default PIN to a PIN of your choice.

Please choose your model between those below:

Landroid S, M500, L1000 2019/2020 models:
WR130E, WR141E, WR147E

• Turn Landroid on and unlock it by inputting the default 0000 PIN, then press OK to confirm

• Press together both arrows keys (START and Home) until the screen displays PIN 1 followed by a 0 blinking

• To select each digit of your PIN, use the arrow keys: ↑ for counting up (1, 2, 3...) and ↓ for counting down (9, 8, 7…)

• Press OK to confirm each digit of the PIN before selecting the next PIN code digit

• Once the four digits have been confirmed, the screen will display PIN 2

• Repeat the procedure for entering the new PIN

• If the two inputs match, the screen will display the new PIN

• If they don’t match, the screen will displayed the old PIN. Repeat the procedure to change it to a new PIN of your choice

Landroid M, L 2019/2020 models:

WR140, WR142E, WR143E, WR150, WR153E, WR155E

• Turn Landroid on and unlock it by inputting the default AAAA PIN

• Press the → (D) key

• Select the padlock icon by using the → and ← Navigate buttons, then press OK

• Screen displays ‘Change PIN code’. Press OK to start the procedure

• Screen displays ‘Old PIN’. Input the default AAAA PIN

• Screen displays ‘New PIN’. Compose your new PIN using the ABCD keys

• Your will be asked to repeat your new PIN

• If the two inputs match, the screen will confirm

Landroid M, L 2015/2018 models:

WG754E, WG755E, WG756E, WG757E, WG758E, WG790E, WG790E.1, WG791E, WG791E.1, WG792E, WG792E.1, WG793E, WG793E.1, WG794E, WG795E, WG795E.1, WG796E, WG796E.1, WG797E, WG797E.1, WG798E, WG799E, WR111MI, WR112MI, WR113MI

• Enter the menu by pressing the OK key, move to the "lock icon" with  the ↓ down arrow key and press OK to confirm.

• Screen displays ‘PIN’. Input the default 0000 PIN.

• Select  ‘change PIN code’ the press OK

• Screen displays ‘new PIN’. Press Ok to enable the new PIN: the number will flash. Enter the new PIN then press OK to confirm.

• Screen displays ‘repeat’. Press Ok to enable it: the number will flash. Confirm the new PIN by entering it again then press OK to confirm.

Landroid S 2017/2018 models:

WR100SI, WR101SI, WR101SI.1, WR102SI, WR102SI.1, WR103SI, WR104SI, WR104SI.1, WR105SI, WR105SI.1, WR106SI, WR106SI.1, WR110MI, WR110MI.1, WR115MI.

These S models have no PIN code. 

Important: write down the PIN and keep it in a safe place. For extra security, register your Landroid and record your PIN on Worx website. We will store it safely and you will always be able to retrieve it from the My Landroid section on the website

If you decide to sell your Landroid in the future, please restore the factory default PIN - 0000 or AAAA depending on the model -  before delivering it to the new owner, or give your personalised PIN to the new owner.

If you are delivering your Landroid to a Service Center, please let them know your PIN.

Forgot your PIN?

Please note that in case you lose your PIN, you will not be able to operate Landroid. In order to make Landroid as secure as possible, there is no reset procedure for the PIN that can be operated by anyone but Landroid authorised service centers.

If you have a 2019/2020 model (WR130E, WR140, WR141E, WR142E, WR143E, WR147E, WR150, WR153E, WR155E) follow this link , access your profile and open a ticket using the form: an agent will provide you a file to be used through a USB pen drive on your Landroid in order to restore the factory default PIN.

If you have another model follow this link , access your profile and open a ticket using the form.