How to manage ordinary Landroid maintenance

With minimal maintenance, your Landroid will operate smoothly, season after season

Your Landroid works hard and needs to be cleaned and checked from time to time. This section of our guide helps you keep Landroid in good shape so it can last for years without troubles. Here’s how to take care of your Landroid:

Keep it sharp

Landroid does not cut grass like other mowers. Its cutting blades are razor sharp on 2 edges and rotate in both directions for maximum cutting capacity.
• The blade turning disc makes a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation at random to use both cutting edges and minimise the frequency of replacing the blades
• Each cutting blade will last up to 2 months when it is programmed to mow every day
• Always check to see if the blades are chipped or damaged and replace them if they are
• When the cutting blades are dull and worn out, they should be replaced with the spare blades provided with your Landroid.
Spare blades are also available at your nearest Landroid retailer.
WARNING! Before cleaning, adjusting, or replacing the blades, turn your Landroid OFF and remove the battery. Always wear protective gloves.

Replacing the Blades

Please watch the video or follow the steps below.

1. Remove the battery

2. Gently flip the Landroid over

3. Take the screws off the blades with a screwdriver

4. Firmly screw on the new blades 

5. Refit the battery 

When fitting new blades, make sure you replace ALL the blades.
Always use new screws when fitting blades. This is important to ensure blade retention and balance the blade turning disc. Failure to use new screws could cause serious injury
Attention: After screwing the blade to the blade disc, make sure the blade is able to spin freely.

Keep it clean

Your Landroid should be cleaned regularly. This helps keep it in good condition, especially removing dirt, debris and the build-up of grass from daily mowing. Turn Landroid off before cleaning it. For extra safety, remove the battery.

WARNING! DO NOT use a hose, high pressure washer or otherwise pour running water on your Landroid. High pressure water can go inside the sealings and damage electronic and mechanical parts.
Cleaning the upper body
• Clean with a spray bottle filled with water. Don’t use solvents or polishers
• Use a brush or a clean cloth to remove built-up dirt
Cleaning the bottom
• Flip Landroid upside down
• Remove debris and grass clippings using a brush to remove
• Be careful not to touch the blades with your hands. Wear gloves for protection
• Clean the blade disc, the chassis and the front wheel(s) thoroughly with a soft brush or moist rag
• Rotate the blade disc to ensure it rotates freely. Remove any obstructions. Remove any lodged debris so that they don’t cause a crack in the blade disk. Even the tiniest crack effects mowing performance
• Check the blades spin freely around the fixing screws. Remove any obstructions
Cleaning the drive wheels
• Remove mud from wheels with a brush in order to ensure good grip of the tread

Clearing the charging contacts
• Clean the contact pins located on the charging base and the charging strips located on the Landroid using a cloth
• Periodically remove any build-up of grass clippings or debris around the contact pins and the charging strips to ensure Landroid successfully charges each time


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