How to set up Multi-zone on Landroid S, M, L 2019/2020 models

This tutorial will help to set up the Multi-zone for Landroid S, M, L 2019/2020 models WR130E, WR140, WR141E, WR142E, WR143E, WR147E, WR153E, WR155E, WR150

Setting up different zones with the app 

You should simply follow the app tutorial by selecting Multi-zone from the menu. If your Wi-Fi network doesn't cover the whole lawn, measurements might not be precise to the centimeter, as Landroid will approximately calculate distances through wheel revolutions when Wi-Fi is missed. In this case please allow some tolerance in the definition of zones' starting points.

Setting up different zones via display

(not available for WR130E , WR141E and WR147E)

Landroid is designed for mowing complex lawns evenly. Neverthless, sometimes you might need to set different zones of your garden (up to maximum of 4) and then you can adjust the working time in each zone.

To define each zone follow these steps:
• Start with Landroid in its charging base
• Turn on Landroid and insert PIN code
• Press the → (D) key and select clock icon and press OK to confirm
• Now you are in working time menu
• Scroll down to ‘Define zones’ option. Press OK
• You can select up to 4 zones
• Select the number of zones you want and press OK
• Now the display prompts you to press START to set up the zone
• As soon as you press START, the mower will start to follow the wire
• Press STOP as Landroid reaches the zone you want to mark as Zone 1
• Save your choice by selecting YES
• Press START to make Landroid reach the following zone, then press STOP when it reaches zone 2.
• Repeat the steps above if you need more zones to be defined

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