"Mower upside down" error

Tutorial on how to manage the "mower upside down" error message

First of all, reset the “mower upside down” error: 

- by pressing the button “0” if you own one of the following Landroid models: WG754E, WG755E, WG756E, WG757E, WG758E, WG790E, WG790E.1, WG791E, WG791E.1, WG792E, WG792E.1, WG793E, WG793E.1, WG794E, WG795E, WG795E.1, WG796E, WG796E.1, WG797E, WG797E.1, WG798E, WG799E, WR111MI, WR112MI, WR113MI.

- by pressing the button "Start" for all others Landroid models

You should proceed monitoring the behaviour of your Landroid.

In case the issue manifests itself in specific parts of the lawn, it’s possible that the robot is running on steep slopes. If this is the case, please adjust the boundary wire accordingly so the Landroid avoids those zones. Please follow the installation tips on the article "How to lay down the boundary wire"

If this is not the case and the problem persists, you should trying to reset the tilt sensors: turn OFF the robot, put it on a completely flat, hard surface and then turn it ON.

Then, depending on your Landroid model, follow the instructions below:

  • Landroids models WG790E, WG791E, WG792E, WG793E, WG794E
    You can reset the tilt sensors by pressing buttons “2” then ”5”.

  • Landroids models WR090S, WR091S, WR092S, WR093S, WR094S, WR095S, WR096S, WR100SI, WR101SI, , WR101SI.1, WR102SI, WR102SI.1, WR103SI, WR104SI, WR104SI.1, WR105SI, WR105SI.1, WR106SI, WR106SI.1, WR110MI, WR110MI.1, WR115MI.
    You can reset the tilt sensors by pressing the “Home” button for three seconds.

If this doesn’t help, or your Landroid model is not one of those mentioned above, you should go to the following page: https://account.worxlandroid.com/ , log into your user profile, and open a ticket by filling the form.