Your Worx Landroid account: the ins and outs

Some information on how to get the best out of your Landroid account

There’s much more about your Worx Landroid account than just registering the mower for additional warranty. It’s more like a control tower which lets you access fundamental functions of your robot.

Go to and login using your credentials. If you haven’t done that yet, this is a good time to register your Landroid.

Here’s a list of the actions that you can perform from your user panel.


In the left column, you can unpair your Landroid from your app just by clicking “Unpair''. This resets Landroid ownership, so before being able to use the mower again, you’ll necessarily have to repeat the pairing process (click here to see how).


The user manual for your Landroid is available for download in PDF format on the top right of the page.


In this section, located on the right side of the page, you will find the most recent firmware updates, together with a changelog with the major changes made with each version. Remember to always keep your mower up to date. Click here for instructions.


If you enable the “Lock” function, your mower will get locked if it doesn’t connect to the Wi-Fi for 72 hours. See here for more information.
Should this happen, you will need to unlock the mower by using a specific file generated for your mower. For more info on how to do this, read here.

The file to perform the UNLOCK can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.
Should you forget your PIN code, you can reset it to default by using the same file.


If you run into issues during the pairing process, you can connect your Landroid to your Wi-Fi network by using a USB Drive. You will have to download a file from your account page, and follow the instructions which you can find here.

You can contact support by opening a ticket using the button on the bottom of the page. The ticket will automatically import your serial number, allowing our Support Team to access first level diagnostics and provide faster, more accurate advice.