Worx Landroid winter maintenance

To make sure your Landroid will be in perfect shape for the next mowing season, please follow these instructions.

Store your Landroid

Clean your Landroid thoroughly. Do not use high pressure washers, detergents, or water in general. Compressed air, a cloth and some elbow grease are plenty enough.

Make sure the battery is fully charged and then turn OFF your Landroid.

Store your Landroid inside in a dry place, at a temperature above 0°C.

Please, if you enabled the lock function on your Landroid there are some precautions you need to take. Click here for more info.

Keep the battery charged

Batteries discharge much faster at cold temperature. If the charge level drops to zero, the battery may get damaged. We recommend that you fully recharge the battery once every two months. 

Models up to 2018 with built-in battery

Please place your Landroid in its charging station to fully charge the battery, then store Landroid inside again.  

2019/2023 models equipped with a removable PowerShare battery

You can either place the mower on its charging station, or remove the battery and recharge it with a Worx 20V PowerShare charger. 

What about the charging base?

Your charging base is suitable to stay outside during wintertime. In case temperatures drop really low in your area, we suggest you bring it inside. Disconnect the ends of the boundary wire and wrap them with insulating tape to avoid oxidation.