Worx Landroid Spring awakening

Wake up! Follow these quick steps to make sure your Landroid is ready for the season.

Check the charging base

During the cold season, ants might have made a nest of your Landroid charging base. Unplug the base, check it and clean it thoroughly with a brush. Also check that the base is still lying flat to ensure good contact with the charging pins, as the ground might have become uneven due to winter rains and snow. 

Check the boundary wire

The boundary wire might have got damaged or broken. Critters and shovels can cause harm to the wire. If this is the case, Landroid might behave erratically or display errors such as “wire missing”. We have specific instructions to deal with this problem in this article: “Wire missing error”.

Check blades

If you haven’t done that already, we advise you to replace your Landroid blades to ensure the best mowing performance. Please refer to this article: “How to manage ordinary Landroid maintenance”

Check your Landroid

Depending on how often you’ve charged it during the winter season, your Landroid battery might not be fully charged. It’s a good idea to put the mower on the charging base a few hours before the first work session.

Update Landroid firmware

Landroid has rested during the cold season, but we have not. Make sure your robot is running the latest firmware by following the instructions here: How to update Landroid firmware

Tidy up your lawn a bit

Before starting your mower, remove debris such as dead sticks, leaves and any other rubbish in your lawn, so Landroid can work unhindered. Pay some attention to borders as well, as plants might have grown over the boundary wire.

When to mow

Not too early, not too late. Mowing too soon might injure the grass and weaken its roots. Grass experts recommend not to mow grass before it has grown at least 5cm long. If your grass is long, follow the instructions at next step.

How to mow

It’s a good practice to set the cutting disc at maximum height in the beginning and then gradually reduce it over the course of the weeks until the grass reaches the desired length. As a rule of thumb, you should never cut more than one third of the grass blade height. This will serve several purposes: taller grass blades will grow stronger roots, provide more shade to the soil, retain heat, prevent weeds from growing, and the smaller clippings will decompose more easily.

New garden layout?

If you have made any modification to the layout of your lawn, such as creating a new flowerbed or installing a brand-new trampoline, please remember that you will have to adjust your perimeter wire.
Here’s a tutorial on how to create islands: “How to set up an island”
Here’s how to manage the multi-zone function: “How to set up a Multi zone”

In case you’re experiencing issues with your Landroid you should follow this link https://account.worxlandroid.com/ , access your profile and open a ticket using the form.