Off Limits ShortCut

How to setup a ShortCut and speed up the return to base

When battery charge reaches a set limit, Landroid looks for the boundary wire and it follows it in a counter-clockwise direction until it reaches the charging station.
Occasionally, Landroid might have to follow almost the entire length of the boundary wire before getting back to base, taking up quite some time (depending on the size of the lawn).

With the ShortCut mode, Landorid can skip parts of the boundary wire by using shortcuts, thus shortening the time it takes to return to the charging station.


When Landroid meets an Island while going back to base, it does one lap and a half before leaving it and looking for the boundary wire. By using ShortCut, Landroid will be able to leave even the largest islands in a fast, intelligent way.

How does it work?

The ShortCut function requires the Off-Limits option and a few pieces of magnetic strip laid over the boundary wire.
When Landroid is following the boundary wire and it meets the magnetic bands, it will execute a 90° left turn to cross the lawn towards the opposite side.
Laying the strips in strategic positions allows Landroid to completely avoid entire sections of the boundary wire.



For each ShortCut you need 2 pieces of magnetic strip approximately 20cm long. They have to be positioned over the boundary wire, 30cm apart from each other.
Put the first magnetic strip in the place where you want Landroid to turn. Put the second strip 30cm before the first one (according to the direction of Landroid). You can set the strips by using the included pegs or by burying them in the ground.
To obtain the best results, we suggest drawing a map of the boundary wire in order to establish the better spots to place the ShortCut strips. With careful planning, it will be possible to greatly reduce the amount of time Landroid spends following the boundary wire.

The magnetic strips need to be laid down according to the position of the Off Limits sensor, which varies depending on the Landroid model you own.
Here’s how to do that.
Start Landroid and have it follow the boundary wire (Edge-cut routine). Stop Landroid where you are going to set the ShortCut. Turn it upside down, check the position of the Off Limits option, and lay down the magnetic strips so that they are centered around the Off Limits sensor.


Please note:

  • Magnetic strips must be positioned over a straight section of the boundary wire.
  • You can use as many ShortCuts as you want - there is no limit.
  • ShortCuts will be ignored when Landroid is doing the Edge cut routine. They will also be ignore while Landroid follows the boundary wire to reach a specific zone (if you have setup multi-zone).


Be extra careful not to create endless loops in your lawn, otherwise Landroid will get stuck and won’t be able to get back to the base. Here’s an example: