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How to upgrade Landroid Vision firmware

Tutorial on how to upgrade the firmware via OTA or via USB

There are two ways to upgrade your Landroid Vision's firmware. You can either push the firmware Over The Air (OTA), or you can install it using a USB drive. Here are the instructions.

OTA firmware upgrade

First of all you must connect your Landroid Vision to your Wi-Fi network. Please follow these steps:
  1. Download the latest version of the Worx Landroid App from the Play Store (if you’re using an Android device) or the App Store (if you’re using an Apple device). Then just follow the instructions in the app.
    You can also scan the QR code in the manual.
  2. Make sure your Landroid Vision is within the coverage of your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Make sure you have your Wi-Fi network password, or Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.
  4. Open the App and scan the QR code on the left corner of the battery cover.
  5. Once you scanned the QR code, the app will ask you how to establish a connection. Choose "Wi-Fi".
  6. Enter your Wi-fi network name and password.
  7. Rotate the knob clockwise to select “General settings”, then press the knob to confirm
  8. Rotate the knob clockwise to select ""App Link"", then press the knob to confirm. The display will show "APP link connected successfully"

    NOTE: Make sure Landroid Vision is in the charging station or the battery capacity has reached 50% prior to starting the firmware update"

USB firmware upgrade

If your Landroid Vision is not connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can still update it to the latest software version using a USB stick.

  1. Log into your Worx Landroid user account: https://account.worxlandroid.com/
    For additional information on how the functions and usage of your user panel, please click here
  2. Take a blank USB stick formatted in FAT32.
  3. Save the file and extract the content to your USB stick.
  4. Make sure your Landroid Vision is in the charging station.
  5. Turn off Landroid Vision.
  6. Open the battery cover of the Landroid Vision to access the USB port.
  7. Insert the USB stick in the port
  8. Turn on Landroid Vision.
  9. When “Please remove the USB key” is displayed, remove the USB stick without lifting the robot
  10. The update will begin automatically - please note that it may take a while. Landroid Vision will restart automatically after the update is completed.