Landroid S, M, L (LED display) warnings

This tutorial will help you understand what the warnings on Landroid S, M and L LED display models are about

WR130E, WR139E, WR141E, WR147E, WR184E

    • E9 - Mower locked: please refer to this article Landroid lock function
    • Er:60 - Er:61 - Er:62 - Er:63 - Er:64 - Module software update failure
      1. Please check that the module is correctly connected.
      2. Check that the file in the USB stick is not damaged.
      3. Turn power off, then turn it on and try the software update again.
    • Er:50 - Er:51 - Er:52 - Er:80 - Er:81 - Er:82 - Er:83 - Er:84 - EF:80 - Software update failure: please try the software update again.
      If this not solve contact the customer service. Follow this link , access your profile and open a ticket using the form.
    • IDLE - The mower is waiting for a further command. If a command will not be given the mower will turn off automatically in 20 minutes. 


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