How to extract the log file from Landroid S 2017/2018

Tutorial for log extraction for Landroid S

This tutorial is suitable to the following Landroid models: WR090S, WR091S, WR092S, WR093S, WR094S, WR095S, WR096S, WR100SI, WR101SI, WR101SI.1, WR102SI, WR102SI.1, WR103SI, WR104SI, WR104SI.1, WR105SI, WR105SI.1, WR106SI, WR106SI.1, WR110MI, WR110MI.1, WR115MI


Please always make sure you use an empty, FAT32 formatted, 2/4/8GB USB pen drive and follow the steps below:

1. Turn ON the mower.

2. Plug the USB drive into the USB port on your mower.

3. Wait for a first beep (which indicates the log download procedure has started).

4. Wait for a second beep (which indicates log download finished). This should take about minute.

5. Unplug the USB drive from the mower.

6. In the USB drive you’ll find a LOG_xxxx.htm file