How to extract the log file from your Landroid

Tutorial to obtain the log file to troubleshoot your lawnmower’s issues

If you are asked from our customer service to obtain the log file for troubleshooting, please look for the section about your Landroid’s model here below and follow the instructions.

  • Landroid S, M, L LED Display
    WR130E, WR139E, WR141E, WR147E, WR184E
  • Landroid M, L  LCD Display (LCD display, LCD display + knob): 
    WR140, WR140E, WR142E, WR143E, WR147, WR147E.1, WR148E, WR149E, WR150, WR150E, WR153E, WR155, WR155E, WR165, WR165E, WR167E  
  • Landroid M, L 2016/2018: 

    WG754E, WG755E, WG756E, WG757E, WG758E, WG790E.1, WG791E.1, WG792E.1, WG793E.1, WG796E.1, WG797E.1, WG798E, WG799E, WR111MI, WR112MI, WR113MI

  • Landroid S 2017/2018

    WR090S, WR091S, WR092S, WR093S, WR094S, WR095S, WR096S, WR100SI, WR101SI, WR101SI.1, WR102SI, WR102SI.1, WR103SI, WR104SI, WR104SI.1, WR105SI, WR105SI.1, WR106SI, WR106SI.1, WR110MI, WR110MI.1, WR115MI