How to upgrade the firmware for Landroid M, L 2019/2020

Tutorial on how to upgrade firmware for Landroids (WR142E, WR143E, WR153E, WR155E, WR140, WR150) to have the best performance.

This tutorial covers Landroid WR142E, WR143E, WR153E, WR155E, WR140, WR150 which have LCD display.


Log in with your credential on our Account web panel.

If you haven't registered your mower for the warranty extension, the system will ask you to do it first.



After that please select your mower from the list, and download the latest available firmware by clicking on the download button.


1) Please copy the file as it is (no need to unzip it) in an empty and formatted FAT32 USB stick. Older ones (2/4/8GB ) are preferred.

2) The USB port is in the rear of the robot.

3) With the unit powered off, insert the USB then power the unit ON.

4) Follow the instructions on the display.

Watch the video: