How to setup automatic lock function for Landroid

Auto-lock is a function which locks Landroid’s keyboard so you can prevent anyone from using your robot mower (for example, children) and from changing its settings.

Auto-Lock can be activated through the display and is currently only available for mowers with LCD Display.

How does it work?

When Auto-Lock is activated, the mower will lock itself after a desired time.

For example, if “30 seconds” is selected, the countdown will start from the last time a button was pressed. After 30 seconds, the display will be locked.
When the display is locked, every button pressed will stop the mower. The user must re-enter the PIN-Code to change the settings or to start the mower on the mower’s control panel. App settings like “party mode” are not affected by the Auto-Lock function.

How to

In the security menu, there is an option called Auto-Lock.


Here it is possible to choose the idle time before the display locks itself automatically, or disable Auto-Lock feature.