ACS option

The ACS Anti-Collision system option will give your Landroid the capability to avoid obstacles

The ACS option allows Landroid to detect obstacles such as trees and furniture and steer accordingly in order to avoid them. It gives “eyes” to your Landroid.

Here’s a nice video which shows how it works

How it works

Landroid uses automotive-grade ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles and avoid them. ACS detects objects taller than 20 cm and thicker than 20 mm.

Please be aware that ACS gets deactivated when:

- Landroid is running back to the charging base on the boundary wire

- Landroid meets the boundary wire and bounces back, ACS is deactivated for 5 seconds

- it rains (as large drops might be recognized as obstacles)

- there’s heavy dew in the morning

- the robot is raised

- the sensors are dirty (please remember to clean them regularly).

Also, please be aware that ACS is not compatible with ultrasonic devices like pet repellers – they emit ultrasounds which interfere with the sensors.


How to set it up

Installing the ACS accessory is straightforward. Landroid automatically recognizes the new module and behaves accordingly - no manual settings needed. Once the ACS module is correctly installed, it’s displayed both on the app's home screen and on Landroid’s display.

Here are video tutorials on how to properly install it on your Landroid:

Landroid S 

Landroid M 

Landroid L 

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