Find My Landroid option

Find My Landroid option tracks your Landroid in case of theft and allows Landroid to operate if there's no Wi-Fi coverage in your garden

Is your property not fenced? Are you afraid someone might steal your Landroid? Fret not. Find My Landroid allows you to remotely lock your mower and track its location.

Find my Landroid uses GPS and a mobile network connection to stay connected to the internet at all times; this way, you won't need Wi-Fi nor RadioLink to control your mower through the app.

WARNING! Please be advised that the Find My Landroid option goes into the same slot as the Radiolink option, so it's not possible to install both on a single unit. If you have poor Wi-Fi coverage in your lawn, the Radiolink option might suit your needs. Learn more on Radiolink option here. Otherwise, if you're concerned that your robot might get stolen, you should choose the Find My Landroid option.

How does it work

If your Landroid is taken outside the geofence area, you will immediately get notified on your smartphone via the Landroid app. You will be able to lock the robot and track it.

Watch the video

You can set the geofence area on the app. Please consider that there is a small tolerance area (30m from the geofence): if you want to test Find My Landroid you should bring Landroid a bit further away.

Find my Landroid has a backup battery: in case the main battery is removed, it will remain connected for a week.

If the main battery is removed, Find My Landroid enters “deep sleep” mode in order to save battery: it will wake up for two minutes every ten minutes trying to connect with GPS and communicate its position. If it can't connect to GPS, it will send a message without the position. After a while, in order to extend battery life, Find My Landroid will decrease the number of messages; it will send one every 30 minutes, and then one every hour.

If you willingly remove the battery from your Landroid and store your mower somewhere inside the geofence area (eg. in the garage), Find My Landroid will keep working for one day. After that it will enter “storage mode” and it will stop sending messages.

Pre-paid SIM card

Find My Landroid provides data connectivity with its multi-IMSI SIM card, which works with a multitude of telecom providers. The included SIM card is pre-paid for three years if you're in Europe, and one year if you are in the United States, after which it can be renewed for a small annual fee.


Before installing Find My Landroid, make sure the firmware of your Landroid is up to date. How to keep Landroid updated

To install the Find My Landroid option just plug it into its slot onboard your Landroid. Depending on your model watch the following video instructions for additional guidance.

Landroid S

Landroid M

Landroid L

Attention: Secure the module with the supplied anti-tamper screw only after the app has confirmed it is working properly. Please be aware that once secured, it's not possible to remove the screw.

Open the App and go to "My Landroid", then click "add". Scan the QR code on the mower and then choose to activate Find My Landroid. Now scan the QR code of the Find My Landroid and then proceed.

Successful installation of the Find My Landroid module is displayed both on the app's home screen and on Landroid's display.


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